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  • 18 Jan 2018 11:10 AM
    Message # 5689604

    My 101 scout, engine ser DCP6836 {year?} has carb float trouble. It is a Schebler Deluxe,DL59. Is there any experts out there I could trust to rebuild it? 

  • 19 Jan 2018 7:15 AM
    Reply # 5690966 on 5689604
    Tim Raindle (Administrator)

    Hi George .

     DGP number that high would be a 1929.

    If it runs fine and just has float trouble you could probably do it yourself, they are fairly simple. I send for full rebuild and buy carbs from Mike Millay over Wisconsin way, pretty reliable guy , sends it back when he says he will too.

    Whats the problem , George ? Always good to know what symptoms are and then how they are dealt with for reference purposes .


    Tim R

  • 19 Jan 2018 8:16 AM
    Reply # 5691029 on 5689604

    Thanks, the engine number is pretty clearly DCP6836, not DGP, whats up with that? Is there a way to post pictures? The tank has the decompression through the tank, does that mean its a 1928?

  • 19 Jan 2018 8:20 AM
    Reply # 5691031 on 5689604

    I used to start it by opening the throttle, two clicks on the choke, kicking it over slowly on the side stand until gas dripped out, standing it straight up, kicking it with authority and it would start. Now, no matter how many times I kick it on the side stand no gas appears in the carb.

  • 20 Jan 2018 3:32 PM
    Reply # 5692994 on 5689604

    Hi George, there is a good manual you can download covering most points on these carbs. Is fuel getting to carb from tank?

    Is float stuck or mixture adjustments screwed in too far ?

    I do a lot of work on cars with SU carbs. In a similar situation, I remove the float and fill bowl just below rim with fuel and then try and start the car.

    If that works you know problem is in fuel supply.

    Not sure if you could try that on the bike. Tim will know for sure.


    Last modified: 20 Jan 2018 3:38 PM | Mike Byrne
  • 22 Jan 2018 8:24 PM
    Reply # 5696750 on 5689604
    Tim Raindle (Administrator)

    Hi George, ease off the nut on the gas line to carb joint a couple of turns. If fueal weeps out, you know you have gas that far. That may clear an air lock and solve your problem.

    Chances are, you have a stuck float. Old days it used to happen a lot, tappins side of float bowl gently a few times with wooden hammer handle may free it off.

    Probable causes tho, either the float has been attacked by something in the fuel and deceased itself, swelling up or generally deforming and refusing to move, or as is increasingly common, a nasty reaction has occured between the gas, the float bowl and the bottom nut, causing your carb to jam up with a whole heap of nasty crystalline growth. Seen this a good few times in the last couple of years, must be something odd occassionally appearing in the gas. 

    To explore further, you will need to remove the gas line, the L shaped carb steady under the float bowl ( if fitted), and remove the large nut at the bottom of the float bowl ( 1 inch wrench needed for this. Float bowl will drop free, along with the spring holding the main jet up ( this will probably stay in place) and the issue should become clearer. Let us know what you find and then we will decide where to go next.

    Are you in Eastern Ohio? Have a friend, Steve Benson , near Canton, who is one of the best Triumph mechanics around, and he is also pretty handy with Indians. If you get into difficulties, he is reasonably priced.

  • 23 Jan 2018 8:03 AM
    Reply # 5697704 on 5689604

    With my carb in just one season of riding, the nozzle spring did rust solid and the bowl filled up with rust and some white oxidation stuff. I had to change to a stainless spring. I think it is a reaction from the ethanol mixed in the new gas.

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